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Collection: Portrait shooting

Diverse locations for portrait shoots full of expression, personality and individuality. From urban backgrounds and architectural masterpieces to idyllic natural landscapes and romantic gardens - we have the perfect environment for every style and preference. All for professional headshots, creative and emotional portraits. Different lighting conditions, textures and backgrounds offer your portrait shoot that certain extra. Our locations are not only aesthetically appealing, but also offer practical advantages for your shoot. With sufficient space, natural lighting and various settings, all prerequisites for a smooth and successful shoot are available.

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Always the right location

At Locationhero you can find locations for your photo shoot, video shoot or event. From classic photo shoots to content production in 9:16 format to large cinema films - in our location archive you will quickly find the right location to tell your story. If you haven't found the right location, our location scouts may be able to help you. You can easily get in touch with them here by clicking on the button.